Reiki is an Ancient Japaneses healing art.

The treatment is done fully clothed and involves the gental laying of hands onto the client, where the life energy is passed to the client, aiding healing, removing energy blocks and releasing stress, these are just a few of the benefits Reiki can give you.

I often like to use the wonderful benefits from crystals into my Reiki treatments if the client agrees.

Treatment time:   50 – 60mins

Cost £35

Holistic Facials

I use Neals Yard products for my facial treatments, which are Organic, & cruelty Free.

Neals Yard products have won many awards, and i want to bring these wonderful products into my practice for you to benefit from.

Treatment time:  50 – 60mins

Cost £35

Crystal Healing

Cystals have amazing healing properties.

We use crystals and Reiki with this treatment to clear your chakras, and clear energy blocks in your body. Crystals are placed onto your fully clothed body

Treatment time:  30-40mins

Cost £28


I customize specific essential oils to help you with any issues, phsical or emotional, then hand mix them with a carrier oil to suit your needs.

Feel the indulgence of a wonderful massage and breathe in the beautiful fragrances from the oils that will be absorbed giving great benefits.

Essential Oils are a wonderful alternative medicine, that can aid you in many ways, phsically and emotionally.

Treatment Time: 30mins

Cost £28

Back / Neck & Shoulder Massage

Relax, and enjoy a wonderful massage to ease out all the stress and tension we all carry. Massage also helps improve sleep,soothes anxiety, relieves headaches, lowers the blood pressure and boosts immunity.

Then you can get on with your day feeling pampered, lighter and relieved.

Treatment time: 25/30mins

Cost £28

EFT (Tapping)

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.

By tapping your fingers on pressure point, we can release the unplesant emotional attachment you carry memories, or the emotions you have about issues theat holding you back, or it can help to remove fears and phobias

Treatment time: 45 -60mins

Cost £35

Shamanix Reiki Drumming

This is a wonderful treatment, bringing the Shamanic drum into a Reiki treatment.

Getting the best of both Reiki healing and the powerful Sound of the drum.

Treatment Time: 50 – 60mins

Cost £35

Indian Head Massage

A Wonderful soothing treatment that will reduce stress. An Indian Head massge is perfomed while the client is fully clothed and seated, it starts on the upper back and arms, then moves on to the shoulder,neck and an amazingly relaxing scalp and face massage.

Treatment time:  30mins

Cost £28

 Neals Yard Products

I am a Neals Yard consultant.

You can shop for these gorgeous products via my website: https://uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/alisonboyd/

Sound Healing

Using different modalities of Sound to Heal and release blockages emotionally and Physically from the body, while enjoying a wonderfully ralaxing treatment.

3 treatments must be booked, over weeks or months, to gain the healing benefits

Treatment Time: 50-60mins

Cost £35 each treatment

Sound Bath

A Sound Bath will not only bring you deep relaxation, it will aid emotional, physical and spiritual healing, due to the effect sound waves have on our bodies.  You just lie back relax and enjoy the sound for 1 amazing hour.

Please bring a comfy mat to lie on, a pillow and a blanket.

Sound Baths are held on the first Sunday of every month at Lanchester Community Centre (DH7 0PB).

As attendance at each Sound Bath is strictly limited to 20 people I do ask that payment is made in advance via PayPal.

Treatment Time: 60mins

Cost £7

A Little Extra …

I ask each client at the end of your session if they would like me to pull an Angel card for them, to see what guildance the cards give. Its just  a little way i like to finish a teatment off, when we are all nice and relaxed.

I am a Qualified
Reiki Master

I am an EFT

All Client information is confidencial

My Facial Products
are Organic

I am a Qualifed

I Love to bring our Angels and Guides into treatments

I am a Level 3 Qualified
Beauty Therapist

Plenty of time with a cient is important to me.