A Holistic therapist from Lanchester.

My name is Alison, I am a mother of two, and live in a village called Lanchester which is just outside the beautiful city of Durham.

I have always had an interest in holistic therapies, but as a young lady, I felt that Hairdressing and Beauty were the more “popular” thing to do, so I firstly followed that path.  Now I have come full circle back to where my heart wanted me to be. I love doing energy work with people and seeing them relax and connect more with themselves again.

Having the tools and qualifications from my beauty therapy career, I still use them in some of my treatments, such as facials. Following my new path and gaining new skills in Holistic Therapies I am able to offer a variety of treatments,.  The  products I have chosen are as Organic and ethically friendly as I can find, to give clients a pure holistic approach.

As well as holistic treatments i am very interested in my Oracle and Tarot cards, and offer my clients an Angel card at the end of their session.

Following the energies of the Moon cycles and using the power of Crystals are other interests of mine too.

At the Moment I work part-time as the Manager for a Charity in my village, I love to get everyone involved in an event or fundraiser as I feel passionate that we should support our local businesses.

I love giving my clients a personal service, and plenty of time. I really feel giving enough time to a client is important, after working in salons and seeing how quickly they turn clients around, I can guarantee  you will not get that from me.

My Business name came from a friend saying I seemed to live in my own pretty bubble. You know what? I Iove living this way, and long may it stay.

Connect with me on Social Media, just click below, and I will see you there.  x